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What are the spiritual oracles and their meaning

What are the spiritual oracles and their meaning What are the spiritual oracles and their meaning

The First Epistle of Peter is a letter addressed to the churches in Asia Minor: Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Bithynia. It was probably written by the Apostle Peter in Rome. In this letter that begins with an act of thanksgiving, an exhortation is made to the Christian life and in particular to holiness, "faith and hope are in God" 1 Peter 1:21, asking for love as grace, " love covers all sins "1 Peter 4: 7; remembering the importance of fulfilling duties as Christians respecting all authority.
The Apostle makes in the letter a review of the gifts of the spirit and in particular, the teaching of the word, of being an oracle for ministry and teaching.
But what is an oracle? Let's see the spiritual Gift of Consulting
There are two philosophical divisions of man: the Greek is: passion, reason and desire; and the Christian: body, soul and spirit.
Take the first division, if should exist passions God, it would exist several different wills as reason and passion can oppose each other.
Therefore we say that in God there are no passions, this also occurs in people who are fully like God: the wise.
The absence of passions allow the gain of new skills as the Spiritual Gift of Listening (art of listening): listening (perceive with attention), meditation (with intuition and inspiration), decides.
Another spiritual gift associated with this gain is the skill of the Spiritual Gift of Consulting.
In the state of grace we can "read" the thoughts of God, is not "hearing voices, but read thoughts", a known case is Joseph divining the dreams of the Pharaoh (Genesis 41:1-44), those who can do this are called oracles. This Gift, proper of the spiritual oracles, allows the decreased of risk in decision-making in the context of high uncertainty. That is why in ancient oracles were used to consult on issues related to the war, the future of some important child, future harvests, marriages, etc.
This is what the Apostle Peter refers  in his Letter to the churches in Asia Minor when he spoke of the "manifold grace of God" 1 Peter 4:10

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