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Gnosis and Love

Gnosis and love Gnosis and love

Consider the following texts: "In Gibeon the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream at night and God said:" Ask what you want". Salomon replied:"Give therefore to your servant, a heart that knows how to listen, to judge his people, and discern between good and evil ".... and God said ...." I give you a wise and understanding heart "1 Kings 3: 9
This text shows us the secret of the Gnosis, Gnosis is the change of the heart, a heart turned toward God and the neighbor, it is the change to a heart prepared to the secrets of the wisdom. As a result of this change God grants his divine attributes: the gifts of wisdom and understanding.
But there is something more: Salomon is a king, he is requesting the ability to lead with excellence to his people, an essential quality of a leader: listen to the others. When we listen to others, we have a leadership quality related to the empathy with the providential leadership.
Remember the phrase "Corresponds to the wise to lead and not to be lead", Metaphysics of Aristotle. Salomon is asking for the ability to represent God, to emulate him, to act in his representation through the spiritual gifts received from God, this is the main caracterisitic of the providential leader, the leader who personifies God's Providence.
Let see another text: "Jesus said, Simon, son of Jonas, do you Agape more than these?. Yes, lord, you know I Philia you". Gospel of John 21
Jesus asks Peter if he has the Agape. Agape is the spiritual love, the form of the love in which the desire for good prevails, this love is related to the seven gifts of the spirit. Instead Philia is the natural love of the soul, the love born of the friendship and the likeness. Philia is related to the 4 cardinal virtues of Thomas Aquinas.
Jesus is asking Peter if  he has the hability of listening, that is born of a wise and understanding heart. Peter's answer is that he loves him, but is not the love provided of the sacred listening. Later Christ promise the disciples the Holy Spirit, he promise to them Pentecost, "They will be salted with fire" Mark 9:49
As we see from the comparative analysis of texts, Gnosis is the transmutation of love, from a human or natural love also known as Philia to a divine love, supernatural love, that unites us to God and our neighbor: the Agape.

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