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Fifth Gospel

"Synthesis of the Novel"

The Fifth Gospel is a novel about the history of the savior of Argentina, placed in December 2001, the same nation is in danger; it is here that the mystery choose a predestinated. A young man after a uncontrolled party suffers an unfortunated accident and he is mysteriously bilocated in the underworld, there he receives by the divine spiritual intercession the help of three ancient teachers who help him individually to find the origine of the bilocation. To achieve this the personage must achieve gradually the secrets of the "Hagia Sophia" or Divine Wisdom. Across every chapter the personage climb spiritually and for the realized merits the personage reaches the mysterious Gnosis and receive finally from God the necessary gifts to avoid the problem and to save in this mood his soul: the eternal life and the grace of wisdom. For the received grace the divinity entrusts him a last mission: to defeat the powers that oppress the word: the desire of the evil, the ignorance and the trick. Acquiring across the last Divine revelation the salvation for him and those who wish a genuine change of the society.