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Definition and meaning of God's providence in the bible

Definition and meaning of God's providence in the bible Definition and meaning of God's providence in the bible

The Spiritual gift of Providence in general terms orders and disposes the creation to the divine purposes. It is the disposition and actions of god's intelligence (reason that loves the good, also known as understanding) over creation. Ethical strictly speaking we could say that the end of the Providence is the realization of the dominion of the wisdom among men. "Be perfect as your Father is perfect" Matthew 5:48, or to say "be wise as the father is wise" this is a clear expression to the will of God and therefore of Providence.   
Recall that prudence orders things to an end, it is said, for example, that the prudent man directs his actions toward the end of his life. Prudence orders, but as God is the same end of all things, the Providence not only orders but dispose.
Providence is, taken this definition, the same prudence of God "who everything disposes", the prudence of the spiritual gift of understanding or to say the prudence of the reason that loves the good, which settled in God disposes over creation. From there was born the idea of the "providential man", the personification of the Providence and executor of it. All those beings living in Concord (Love the Good) with God are executors of his Providence.  Recall that the Plan of God, that is to say the promises of the Beatitudes, lie in the divine intellect. This is the reason that we can say that providence is the execution of God's plan.
And how express in practical terms this Providence?                                                          
On the council of the wise. Practical cases of  sacred listening or council in the Gospels are described in: The Adulterous Woman, "that which is holy cast the first stone" John 8:3-9, The tax due to authority, "to Cesar what is of Cesar and to God what is of God ", Mark 12:14-17.These cases show us how divine inspiration provides and directs (Providence) men to the proper order of society, "the rule of the wise", "the government of those who love the good."
The Providence of God acts for the correct order among men, that is to say the "Power" perfected by the "Domain". A society without dominion is a society ruled by men undergoing its low passions and passenger desires. Providence in ethical terms is realized in the Kingdom of God. It develops above all in the search of the love for the good in the predestined (spiritual man), and became evident in the governments of the wise men in the society. This is why we speak of "providential men", of good rulers, statesmen, of leaders who love the good and do the right thing because it is right.

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