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Definition, explanation and meaning of eternal life in the bible

Definition, explanation and meaning of eternal life in the bible Definition, explanation and meaning of eternal life in the bible

A study of eternal life and contemplative activity:
There is currently a misunderstanding at philosophical level of what  means contemplation. The Contemplation is a Meditation focused on the divine attributes of God, we "contemplate the eternity", "we contemplate the Wisdom of God" ...
Thomas Aquinas tells us the following: Eternal Life means Contemplative activity and also the Angels are created for the contemplation of God. Recall the Beatitude: "Blessed are the pure of heart because they shall see God." This means that contemplation is an activity for those in a state of communion with God, that is, those who love the good, we "see God" through the contemplative activity.
But there is more, angels are created for the contemplation of God because they are created with Understanding, Understanding is a Spiritual Gift, is a perfection, is the reason that loves the good, the good intelligence or the intelligence of God itself.
The Contemplative activity comes after the Gnosis and complements the spiritual gifts of Understanding (Wisdom, Understanding and Good Discernment).
Contemplation accompanies the spiritual gift of Perseverance and gives rise to the Fruits of the Spirit, that is God's character.
The contemplative activity is directly related to the happiness of heart,  the Spiritual Gift of Happiness.
The complete man is not simply a happy man but the "heart happy man" is one who has attained the spiritual gift of happiness (perfect happiness).
Caracteristics of the Contemplative activity (Eternal Life):
1) It is a blessing of the pure in heart
2) Is properly of the Spiritual Gift of Understanding, that is the reason that loves good or superior reason.
3) It is focuse in the divine attributes of God, while meditation is usually focused on an image.
4) Is related to the Agape, that is the Love for the Good, the spiritual love.
5) It is the source of many blessings, happiness of the heart and longevity (emotional health)
The phrase in the image is the metaphysical assertion that supports the idea that contemplative activity is the same eternal life.

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