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What are the devotion and the adoration of God, the spiritual search.

The spiritual search begins with the desire for instruction The spiritual search begins with the desire for instruction

Thomas Aquinas in the Sum of Theology teach to us that God is the perfection in the highest degree, God is the wisdom itself the Theologian clarifies to us, the wisdom is the essence and the substance of God, that is, the wisdom is the divine substance (spirit) because speak of the wisdom is to speak of God. The substance is that of what is preached, the essence is the distinctive or main characteristic of something. Thomas Aquinas when refers about love argues: God is love without passion, that is, we can not attribute imperfections to God as the error and the passion. When is speak about the anger of God in the Bible, these are metaphors. Why do the Fathers of the church like St. Augustine and St. Thomas associate wisdom with God and affirm that the Father, the son and the holy spirit are one wisdom? Wisdom is previous to love, that is, it precedes love because to love something you have to know it first. You can not love what you do not know. Wisdom is eternal, immanent and uncreated, it is an entity that can only be perceived with the intelligence as Aristotle affirms.
The devotion to God in its true form is the worship of wisdom, in Latin devotion is an aspect of Piety or the godly life. This is why King Solomon, a great devotee in the Old Testament, and the best example of a wise man holds in his book Wisdom: "The beginning of Wisdom is the true desire to be instructed", Wisdom 6:17 . The devotee seeks the instruction of God, rejoices in it, retains it and puts it into practice with constancy. Wisdom is the science of ultimate causes and the knowledge of the correct means to live.
The devotion to God is not to worship religious or sacred images. The search of the devotee are the gifts and the perfections of God: the sacred listening, the clairvoyance, the ability to communicate with God and to interpret dreams (oracle), to guess the future, to see in the hidden; in short terms, to receive eternal life ("this is the eternal life that they may know you the only true God", John 17: 3) constitute the ultimate mystery of the wisdom and the love of God. The devotee directs all his intelligence to God and acquires science, the devotee is the opposite of the fool, as Plato explains in his myth of the cave, the fool does not understand the science of God, mocks it and discards it. The devotee builds, edify, in change the fool depends on luck and the vagaries of life, like the ship without a rudder that depends only on the winds.
All the spiritual search, the devotion and the adoration begins with the gradual acquisition of wisdom, like the leaven that ferments the whole mass.

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