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The abundance, the prosperity and the wealth according to the Bible

The abundance, the prosperity and the wealth are the result of the minimization of error in the long term, that is, when we act ethically for a prolonged period of time, in simpler terms "work hard" with applied intelligence. Heresy, that is, the teaching of error and the ignorance are the origin of the culture of poverty. You cannot prosper in the long term without ethics, as the prophet says in Hosea 4: 6: "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge".
The sermon on the mountain (Matthew 5, Luke 6) given by Jesus explains that the divine blessings are for those who choose the blessed life, that is, the ethical life. But when an action is ethical? When an action is blessed? When an action is guided by the holy spirit? God is the perfection in the highest degree, to God correspond the perfections of all things. The gifts are perfections ("Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect", Matthew 5:48). To say that God is perfect and that gifts are perfections is to say that God is the source of the good and that all the spiritual gifts are good. Everything that is perfect is by itself good because it is complete. This is why living the spiritual gifts is living ethically. Jesus says "I am the way, the truth and the life", John 14: 6. The spiritual gifts are way because we grow, the spiritual gifts tend to improvement, increasing, the gifts are progressive, that is the reason why Jesus teaches with Parables, to teach the progressiveness of the spiritual gifts. The spiritual gifts have a condition of truth, that is, they are the precise and the exact, we cannot attribute imperfections to God and error is an imperfection, the gifts are free from error. The spiritual gifts increase life, what happens when you have to choose between truth and life?, as for example in the case of the white lies. When the truth is not enough the spiritual gifts are life. When an action is progressive, that is, it is a path, when an action is the precise and the exact and when the action increases life, that action is ethical, it is a spiritual gift. The assertiveness, the aim (being precise and exact), together with a progressive life plan, are the seeds of prosperity and the accumulation of wealth. We need good plans to prosper, and not only that, but to know "the when", that is to have reasonable periods of time. The wisdom that is to say, the "science" in terms of the Old Testament, gives us the rules to be assertive, we cannot be assertive without wisdom. Jesus teach to us the Parable of the Sower (Luke 8: 4-8) that those who bear fruit, that is, those who prosper, are those who acquire wisdom, retain it and put it into practice with constancy (spiritual gift of piety). The progressive constancy applied to the everyday life does true "miracles." Ultimately abundance, prosperity and wealth are blessings of the blessed life, that is, of living the spiritual gifts inherit from God (living according to the spirit).

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