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The apocalypse, meaning and mystery

The book of Revelations The book of Revelations

Apocalypse means Revelation in the Greek language. The book of the Apocalypse is the last book of the Bible and closes the salvific message of God, it was according to his author communicated by an Angel to the apostle John, the book has a certain similarity with the message of the Book of Daniel, as John, the prophet Daniel also had dreams about the end of the times. John describes his visions about the final confrontation between the good and the evil, the new heavens and the new Jerusalem.
According to the Biblical thought, evil exists because the world is in a state of imperfection and this state must be solved in the immediate future, thence the eschatological idea of hope: the arrival of the Son of Man, the personification of the Kingdom of God.
The development of the problem of evil and the action of the Divine Providence conclude in this book, the meaning of the 7 trumpets, the beast and the antichrist is debatable and no exegete agrees.
According to the apostle John the Apocalypse is the end of the dominion over the world of the sin and its fruit of physical death, good and evil would be definitively separated, and the wisdom of God would be established as the government of the world; the error will be definitively banished and the human beings who freely choose the good, the righteousness, would live an angelic life, free of the sufferings of the old world, living in the contemplation and the perfections of God.
About those who voluntarily practice evil simply says that they would be left out of the divine city:

"Outside are the dogs, the sorcerers, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood" Revelations 22:15

The book in this text is describing the typologies, the types of personality related to falsehood, in a certain sense people is what people do: the lustful, the murderers, the sorcerers and the idolaters are those who fructify the works of the flesh: Galatians 5: 19-20, these people can not inherit the Kingdom of God, that is, the domain of the divine perfections.
The book of the Apocalypse concludes and ends in the theological sense, not the ethical sense, the teachings of the Kingdom of God, the Apocalypse could be interpreted saying that the creation, that needed of 7 days in the Genesis must be completed with an eighth day, the end of the times; and this end would be the definitive establishment of the wisdom of God.

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