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Living according to the spirit

The threefold division of man into body, soul and spirit teaches us that there are three types of man: the spiritual man, the rational man and the natural man. This is so because there is an intermediate state between good and evil dominated by the passions, this state corresponds to the love of the soul, the love of the friends also known as "Philia". "Agape" or spiritual love would correspond to the pneumatic man or spiritual man. These "states" became ways of living: to live according to the spirit, that is living the spiritual gifts received from God; to live according to the soul that is the practice of virtue and in particular of the justice, and to live according to the flesh that is practice the sin. When we live the spiritual gifts we seek the eternal life as the Bible teach us, when we practice the justice and virtue we seek happiness as Aristotle says. The Blessed Life is to live the spiritual gifts is to search the correct and the best, is the permanent search for excellence, from this, the idea of the Kingdom of God. Instead the practice of virtue is related to the psychological concept of mask, with a mediocrity without assuming risks ......

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