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The path to the true happiness

The opposite of happiness is suffering. The happiness as an end itself is an illusion, a form of error, because to be happy we have to minimize the suffering. This is achieved in one way: having constancy in excellence, having constancy in improving ourselves. Constancy, the firmness is the basis of the spiritual life, the blessed life. Let us remember that eternal life are blessings that God gives us as an advance of life in glory, and among these blessings is the happiness of the heart, the happiness associated with the contemplative activity. And who attain eternal life? This is explained in the parable of the sower: those who receive wisdom, retain it and put it into practice with constancy, firmness. The spiritual gift of Fear of God or serenity (constancy, firmness, devotion, equanimity) is the way to the spiritual enlightenment and true happiness.

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